Privacy Policy

(Last updated 16th of March 2017)

This privacy policy is about the Website and Applications of Pyrosphere, Lda.

As part of the normal operation of the website we may collect information automatically, including server logs and third party analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

We do not collect personal information through the following applications: Lazors; Last Fish; Wordsmithery; A Year of Riddles (and its sequels); Broken Brush; and Chess Light.

Loopine, The Weaver and Daily Crosswords use advertising through Google AdMob; Amazon Mobile Ads, depending on the platform, which might collect some device information for interest-based advertising.

In the event of a crash in our applications you may be given the opportunity to send a crash log to the platform that distributed the application. The information in the crash log can help us prevent future crashes in the application. This crash log only includes information about your device and settings, and does not include any information that may identify you.

Distribution platforms might also provide us with personal information related to the sale of an application or in-app purchase. We do not store this information in our organization.

Should you contact us, through a service such as email, Facebook or Twitter, we may keep the information you send us in our archives.

When dealing with technical support of our applications we may request additional information such as the device model, OS versions running the application and other information to help us solve the issues with the application. This information is only used to diagnose and correct any issues with the application.

The website and applications contain links to external websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, that are not under our control and go beyond the scope of this privacy. Should you visit these websites we recommend you read their privacy policies too.

If you have any questions or comments about privacy please contact us at

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